on mrt 13, 11
by pieter

This software application is a handy tool for people who are spending lots of time searching the various newsgroups posts, images, links, Uncle sam, linux, news, Bsd, microsoft, answers, stocks, viewer, web quotes, froogle, directory’s, and many more options in google™.

Search in all or in 27 different languages and see the result in one of the 66 available languages. Use one of the 20 search criteria to search in. Customize it to your need.

Use it to translate a webpage or to try out many other Google goodies like: “are you lucky”. It uses your windows default browser for showing search results. But it is also easy to customize the SearchTool to work with your favorite browser.


This software is not a product of Google™ nor is it related to Google™. The application only makes use of some of Googles™ goodies. Visit Google™ at
Last but not least I would like to thank Google™ for giving me the permission to continue this SearchTool!


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